Tuning Canada (2011-2012)

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Project title: Canada-EU Tuning Feasibility Study: Enhanced cooperation in Higher Education between the EU and Canada by aligning standards and reference points

Coordinating institution: The Tuning Association in close cooperation with the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE)

Dates: 18 October 2011 – 18 July 2012

Participant countries: Canada and Tuning methodology experts from Italy, Portugal, Netherlands and UK

Subject areas included in the project: Engineering, History, Nursing

Project objectives:

1) Facilitate greater cooperation between key higher education institutions and stakeholders in Canada and the European Union;
2) Enable closer ties between academic discipline communities in Canada and the European Union;
3) Enable closer ties between higher education policy makers in Canada and the European Union;
4) Develop greater transparency between higher education systems in Canada and the European Union; and to
5) Establish a foundation for the development of a shared understanding and terminology for Canadian and European higher education stakeholders in their approaches to curriculum development, standards, qualifications frameworks and quality assurance.

1) Investigate the alignment of academic standards and reference points in higher education for Canada and the European Union based on case studies of three subject areas;
2) Determine the relevance of a Tuning approach and whether a full-scale Tuning project would be helpful and meaningful for Canadian higher education institutions; and to
3) Chart the best way to implement a potential pilot project, including the scope of the undertaking and issues at stake.


Outcomes in terms of documents and publications:

tuning_defaultFinal Report [a document]

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