Tuning Latin America II (2006-2008)

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Project Title: Tuning America Latina: Carreras basadas en Competencias (Competence-Based Degrees)

Coordinating institution: University of Deusto

Dates: 1 January 2006 – 30 June 2008

Participant countries: Argentine, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Hoduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Dominican Republic; as well as France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, UK, Netherlands & Spain

Subject areas included in the project: Architecture, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Geology, Law, Medicine, Nursing, Physics

Project objectives:
1) Contributing to the development of easily comparable and comprehensible qualifications in a linked-up way throughout the whole of Latin America.
2) Encouraging, on a Latin American level, a significant level of convergence in higher education in the subject areas according to the definitions accepted due to professional and teaching results.
3) Developing professional profiles in terms of generic competences and those related to each subject area including expertise, knowledge, and content for the four subject areas included in the project.
4) Facilitating transparency of educational structures, and encouraging innovation through the communication of new experiences and the identification of best practice.
5) Creating networks that are able to present examples of efficient practices, stimulating innovation and quality through reflection, and mutual exchange.
6) Developing and exchanging information relative to curricula development in the chosen subject areas, and creating a model curricular structure significant for its points of reference for each subject, promoting recognition of qualifications, and Latin American integration.
7) Creating links between universities and other appropriate and qualified bodies, so as to produce convergence in the areas of the chosen disciplines.

Project websitehttp://tuning.unideusto.org/tuningal/ (a common website for Tuning Latin America I & Tuning Latin America II projects)


Outcomes in terms of documents and publications:
(Common for Tuning Latin America I and Tuning Latin America II)

tuning_defaultTuning Latin America I 3rd General Meeting and Tuning Latin America II 1st General Meeting Documents – available for download here tuning_defaultTuning Latin America I 4th General Meeting and Tuning Latin America II 2nd General Meeting Documents – available for download here


tuning_defaultTuning Latin America I 5th General Meeting and Tuning Latin America II 3rd General Meeting Documents – available for download here TuningLAI&II_FinalReportReflections on and outlook for Higher Education in Latin America

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