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Discover what resources the International Tuning Academy makes available for the scholars interested in researching topics related to the Tuning methodology, its implementation and impact on higher education around world.

The Tuning Research Unit promotes research on the Tuning methodology, its implementation and impact on higher education around world; as well as research on competence and outcome-based student and learning centered teaching, learning and assessment in higher education in general.

The three major objectives of the Research Unit are:
1) to bring together and systematise the data collected throughout the various Tuning projects, as well as the Tuning activities of the different Thematic Networks, so as to make these data readily available to the researchers;

2) to give greater visibility to academic publications related to Tuning and to stimulate further academic discussion on the different aspects of the Tuning methodology; and

3) to conduct research on Tuning-related topics and implement measures that can facilitate and consolidate international academic collaboration within the Tuning-related domain.

The Tuning Data line is reflected on the website through Available Databases and Lists of Competences sections. The Tuning Publications line outcomes can be consulted in the constantly updated Publications section. The publication of the Tuning Journal is the other major activity of the Tuning Academy related to this objective. As for the Research activities in the narrowest sense, please consult the Tuning Impact Research page and find out more about the Short-Term Visits (scholarships, visiting researchers, outcomes).

If you would like to find academics sharing interest in your fields of research or if you are looking for an academic to supervise your research on a Tuning-related topic, check individual members’ profiles in the Community section.

Tuning Impact Research

  • The aim of the Tuning Impact Research project is to identify cases of successful implementation of the Tuning methodology all over the world and evaluate the impact of Tuning-promoted changes.
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Short-Term Visits

  • 14 candidates for 2016-2017 academic year have been shortlisted and are currently working on the detailed outlnes of their future publications. Final results will be announced by 15 July 2016.

    To see the Short-Term Call conditions (closed now, expected to be open again in Spring 2017), see who has enjoyed the scholarships in 2015-2016, and learn what have been the outcomes of the Tuning Research visits so far, CLICK HERE

Available Databases

  • In this section, you can find descriptions of the databases stored by the Tuning Academy.
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Lists of Competences

  • In this section, you can find the lists of Generic and Subject Specific Competences compiled by academics involved in different Tuning projects and by the specialists from Thematic Networks who adopted certain aspects of the Tuning methodology.
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