Logo Tuning Academy

List of Subject-Specific Competences

1. Mastering of materials, tools and techniques of specific art trends.
2. Critical understanding of the modern and historical art practice, theory and a broader cultural and social context of the art and design fields.
3. Applying theoretical knowledge and a proper methodology to artistic practice.
4. Mastering styles, genres and forms.
5. Applying means of artistic expression necessary to implement the creative concept.
6. Producing, systematising and presenting up-to-date and meaningful artworks.
7. Developing individual artistic and creative abilities and features.
8. Articulating and communicating in written, oral and, if necessary, visual form ideas about art trends and creative practice.
9. Understanding the relationships between audience and artwork.
10. Understanding how to work in a professional artist community and build a professional art field.
11. Skills of mastering new creative work technologies.
12. Knowledge and understanding of the requirements of a healthy and safe working environment in creative practice.