Logo Tuning Academy

1. Developing strategic, tactical, and operational planning skills.
2. Identifying and administrating business risks in organisations.
3. Identifying and optimising business processes within organisations.
4. Administrating an integral logistics system.
5. Developing, implementing, and managing business control systems.
6. Identifying functional inter-relations within organisations.
7. Evaluating the legal framework applied to business management.
8. Producing, evaluating, and managing business projects within different types of organisations.
9. Interpreting accounting and financial information for the taking of managerial decisions.
10. Using costing information for planning, control, and decision making.
11. Taking decisions regarding investment, financing, and management of financial resources within a company.
12. Leadership skills, for the achievement and following up of aims within the organisation.
13. Managing and developing human talent within the organisation.
14. Identifying ethical and cultural aspects of reciprocal impact within the organisation and the social environment.
15. Improving and innovating administrative processes.
16. Detecting opportunities for undertaking new business and/or developing new products.
17. Using information and communications technology in management.
18. Managing the technological infrastructure of a business.
19. Formulating and optimising information systems for management.
20. Formulating marketing plans.