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List of Subject-Specific Competences

1. Understand the link between scientific knowledge and everyday knowledge.
2. Know and understand the epistemological foundations of science.
3. Carry out scientific research in the field of psychology.
4. Reflect critically on the problems of the discipline of psychology.
5. Integrate and make use of knowledge of other disciplines.
6. Understand the epistemological foundations of psychological theories.
7. Understand and explain psychological processes from a bio-psycho-social perspective.
8. Understand the transitional stages of a human being throughout a lifetime.
9. Identify and understand theories explaining human psychological processes.
10. Understand the biological foundations of human psychological processes.
11. Establish relationships between the theory and practice of psychology.
12. Carry out psychological diagnoses and assessments using the methods and techniques of psychology.
13. Understand and intervene appropriately in the psychological problems of human beings, taking into account their historical, social, cultural and economic context.
14. Mediate and/or negotiate in different aspects of psychological practice.
15. Carry out psychological consultancy and guidance.
16. Design and develop programmes to nurture the psychological wellbeing of individuals, groups and communities.
17. Work in multi- and interdisciplinary teams towards the production of knowledge and within contexts of professional practice.
18. Provide interested parties with the results of professional undertakings in assessment, diagnosis, intervention and research.
19. Integrate technological instruments into professional practice.
20. Design, carry out and evaluate techniques and strategies for intervention in various fields of activity of psychology.
21. Design psychometric tools in a valid and reliable manner.
22. Respect individual and socio-cultural diversity.
23. Understand the ethical foundations and principles related to professional and scientific work.
24. Accept the ethical commitment of psychological practice.