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Ecología (Tuning Rusia III)

List of Subject-Specific Competences 1. Show a broad knowledge and understanding of the essential facts, concepts, processes, principles and theories of ecology. 2. Recognize the applications and responsibilities of ecology and its role in society. 3. Show adequate knowledge of other disciplines relevant to ecology. 4. Independently analyze environmental materials in the field and laboratory, […]

Tuning Rusia III (2010-2013)

Project Title: Tuning Russia Coordinating institution: University of Deusto Dates: 15 October 2010 – 14 October 2013 Participant countries: Russia, as well as Ireland, Italy, Netherlands & Spain Subject areas included in the project: Ecology, Economics, Education, Environmental Engineering, Foreign Languages, Information and Communication Technologies, Interpreting and Translation, Law, Management, Social Work, Tourism Project objectives: To […]