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List of Subject-Specific Competences

1. Capacity to use suitable instruments for business environment analysis (i.e. industry analysis, market analysis, PESTL).
2. Capacity to define criteria according to which an enterprise is defined and to link the results with the analysis of the environment to identify perspectives (i.e. SWOT, internal and external value chain).
3. Capacity to identify and analyse the impact of macro- and micro economic elements on business organisations (i.e. financial and monetary systems, internal markets).
4. Identify the functional areas of an organisation and their interrelations (i.e. purchasing, production, logistics, marketing, finance, human resource).
5. Capacity to identify and analyse the constitutional characteristics of an organisation (i.e. goals and objectives, ownership, size, structure).
6. Ability to read, understand and issue financial reports within one’s field of work.
7. Capacity to provide companies and projects with strategic recommendations using relevant tools.
8. Ability to manage resources according to objectives and actions planned.
9. Ability to use appropriate project management tools in decision making.
10. Ability to provide sustainable processes support for the value chain and the supply chain of an organization.
11. Ability to be pro-active, i.e. to consciously choose how to respond to any situation, regardless of circumstances.
12. Capacity to identify, explore and use actual «web» ICT tools.