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List of Subject-Specific Competences

1. Knowledge and understanding of principal features and key concepts and principles of the legal system including European and International dimension (including institutions and procedures).
2. Knowledge and understanding of legal principles and values in a wide range of topics extending beyond the core curriculum.
3. Ability to take a sound and motivated legal decision.
4. In-depth knowledge of specialist legal areas.
5. Being at the forefront of the filed of research and advancing the knowledge of the field of research.
6. Ability to identify and apply the legal sources using a legal method.
7. Understanding of political, social, economic, historical, personal and psychological phenomena (among others) taking them into consideration in the creation, interpretation and application of Law.
8. Critical awareness of the historical and philosophical foundation of a legal methodology and challenge its use.
9. Ability to read a range of complex material and to summarise their arguments accurately.
10. Ability to identify and foresee contemporary debates and engage with these while accurately reporting the applicable law.
11. Ability to identify and work with principal aspects of supranational and foreign legal systems.
12. Ability to use a foreign legal language.
13. Ability to identify relevant legal (including procedural) issues from a large body of unstructured facts and whether factual circumstances are sufficiently elucidated for a legal decision.
14. Ability to individuate different legal solutions, to weigh their argumentative strength and to analyse outcomes of a legal problem and to outline alternative solutions.
15. Ability to apply scientific research methods (legal and other research methods).
16. Ability to express oneself in a fluent technical language using precise, clear legal terms.
17. Ability to work in cross-disciplinary teams as the legal expert of the team and contribute effectively to its task.
18. Ability to identify new relevant ethical issues.