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List of Subject-Specific Competences

1 . Ability to analyze and synthesize economic processes
2 . Ability to use the bases of the natural and economic sciences to form a working professional knowledge.
3 . Ability to understand and implement innovational and creative ideas in the economic sphere
4 . Leadership skills to govern economic processes
5 . Ability to scrutinize and analyze ecological economics issues
6 . Ability to understand and encourage the social responsibility of businesses, and public-private partnerships (PPP).
7 . Ability to utilise modern information technology in economics
8 . Ability to carry out economic calculations as appropriate in different stages of producing goods and services
9 . Ability to apply skills and knowledge with respect to state and international taxation systems
10 . Ability to analyze and elaborate statistic information
11 . Ability to use economic planning and forecasting skills
12 . Ability to diagnose the economic condition of an enterprise, to identify problems, and to work out solutions
13 . Knowledge of and compliance with ethical standards in economics and business
14 . Ability to execute economically effective governance of human resources: planning, organizing, and regulating the workplace
15 . Ability to use an enterprise’s economic resources rationally
16 . Ability to apply knowledge and skills to identifying connections between micro and macro economies, understand economic cycles, and problem solving.
17 . Ability to demonstrate cognitive and technical skills that denote a broad understanding and knowledge of economics.
18 . Ability to develop economic models, to produce and give substance to economic proposals
19 . Ability to compare and connect different economic circumstances, to think globally and act locally