Logo Tuning Academy
  1. Broad knowledge on the essential features, processes, history and materials of civil engineering
  2. Awareness of the responsibilities of civil engineering in society
  3. Ability to do original researches in civil engineering independently
  4. Ability to use the modern techniques and information tools in engineering practice
  5. Ability for organizing and coordinating civil engineering projects
  6. Ability to communicate, collaborate and conduct engineering design/construction/management
  7. Comprehensive ability and leadership on civil engineering project management
  8. Sense of creative & innovation in civil engineering
  9. Ability to define, determine and implement a strategy for solving a civil engineering problem and to produce a substantial report or thesis
  10. Ability to deal with engineering accident and engineering risk management
  11. Ability to apply the principles and methods of mechanics
  12. Ability on the application of basic performance of engineering materials
  13. Ability to master and apply the fundamental principles of structure analysis
  14. Ability to deal with general problems in construction and organization independently
  15. Knowledge for applying information technology in civil engineering .e.g. engineering software
  16. Ability to design and conduct experiments, investigations, and data analysis in civil engineering
  17. Ability to apply the knowledge of engineering geology to solve problems during the design and construction process
  18. Ability to apply the basic principles and methods for foundation design/construction
  19. Ability to apply the life-cycle design concept on engineering project
  20. Capacity for observing and understanding the environment impact of engineering practices
  21. Knowledge on the working principle of common engineering equipment and their development trends
  22. Ability to use laws and regulations to implement engineering construction management
  23. Skills relevant to all major employment sectors in civil engineering
  24. Ability to read the specialty literatures in English or another foreign language
  25. Understanding the basic knowledge of relevant major, such as Transportation, Urban Planning,  Water Supply and Drainage, Architectural Equipment and Building Electricity
  26. Ability to express for civil engineering
  27. Capacity of conceptual design in civil engineering