Logo Tuning Academy

List of Subject-Specific Competences

1. Ability to identify and assess the tourist and recreational potential of facilities and territories.
2. Ability to carry out marketing research in tourism.
3. Ability to use knowledge in organization of tourist and recreational field.
4. Ability to produce quality tourist documentation.
5. Ability to cooperate with partner organizations.
6. Ability to perform cash transactions.
7. Ability to manage promotion and sale of tourist product.
8. Ability to use IT and office equipment in a tourist organization.
9. Ability to develop new tourist product and use new technologies in providing customer service.
10. Ability to realize effective internal communications in a tourist organization.
11. Ability to develop and implement external communication strategies of a tourist organization.
12. Ability to assess the costs of professional activities in a tourist organization.
13. Ability to apply current legal norms regulating the tourism sector and to keep-up with the developments in such norms.