Logo Tuning Academy
  1. Capacity for analysis and synthesis
  2. Capacity for applying knowledge in practice
  3. Planning and time management
  4. Basic general knowledge in the field of study
  5. Grounding in basic knowledge of the profession in practice
  6. Oral and written communication in your native language
  7. Capacity to communicate in a second language
  8. Computing skills
  9. Research skills
  10. Capacity to learn actively
  11. Information management skills
  12. Critical and self-critical abilities
  13. Capacity to adapt to new situations
  14. Capacity for generating new ideas
  15. Problem-solving
  16. Decision-making
  17. Teamwork
  18. Interpersonal skills
  19. Leadership
  20. Ability to work in an interdisciplinary team
  21. Ability to communicate with non-experts in the field
  22. Appreciation and understanding of culture diversity
  23. Ability to work in an international context
  24. Commitment to health and safety
  25. Ability to work autonomously
  26. Project design and management
  27. Initiative and entrepreneurial spirit
  28. Ethical commitment and professional attitude
  29. Social responsibility and civic awareness
  30. Concern for quality
  31. Will to succeed
  32. Environment awareness and commitment to sustainable development
  33. Ability of self-management