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What is Tuning Academy

Tuning Academy is an International Higher Education and Research Centre for the development and enhancement of the quality of learning, teaching and assessment in higher education, focusing on the competences for intellectual development, employability and citizenship in a global context.

The Tuning Academy had its origin in successful large scale innovative projects carried out under the direction of the University of Deusto (Spain) and the University of Groningen (The Netherlands) since 2000.

The aim of the Tuning Academy is to be an organisation which is permanently aware of social demands and future needs, playing a key role in Higher Education through research, experimentation, educational innovation and support for decision making in policy on education and employment.

What is Tuning Academy
The Tuning Academy covers a wide variety of subject areas in numerous regions of the world.
  • Tuning Academy Activities
  • Sustaining the Tuning methodology for identifying and analysing common features at sectoral, discipline and subject-specific levels on the basis of consensus between relevant stakeholders;
  • Developing and exchanging information on curriculum development in focus areas, and creating curricular models expressed by meta-profiles and reference points for each area, optimising recognition and international academic integration of degree certificates;
  • Creating and sustaining an observatory to analyse and predict emerging competences, new career profiles and lifelong educational needs in new social contexts;
  • Creating and sustaining international networks capable of submitting examples of effective practices, stimulating innovation and quality through reflection and mutual exchange;
  • Offering beneficiaries the possibility to take part in international cooperation programmes by creating study, cooperation and research projects;
  • Fostering the organisation of events and meetings with experts and academic authorities;
  • Providing assessment and technical assistance to governments, institutions, and public and private organisations, which request these services;
  • Promoting the publication of studies and projects related to the purposes of the Tuning Academy;
  • Providing programmes of staff development for specific groups.
  • Tuning Academy Objectives
  • Systematize and disseminate the experience generated in many international projects;
  • Serve as an international reference for developing models of teaching, learning and assessment in higher education;
  • Help to develop and implement higher education degree programmes adapted to the needs of society;
  • Foster the pursuit of higher academic quality in universities globally;
  • Promote comparability and transparency in higher education in different subject areas at international level.