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Tuning Community

The Tuning Community is represented by a network of academic experts, higher educational practitioners and managers, who work in international groups, communicating at institutional, country, regional and international level, generously sharing knowledge and experiences.

What is Tuning Community

The Tuning Community acts as a platform for reflection and action about higher education, where members have the possibilities of networking with professionals in their own subject areas from many countries and regions of the world. The Tuning Community is based on the engagement and commitment of institutions and individuals. It is built on every person who takes part in it and shares ideas, initiatives and doubts. It welcomes contributions from all academics and every professional who cares about higher education and future trends in their field. It rests on people from different regions of the world who share aims and objectives of Tuning and have the creativity and flexibility to adapt it to their needs. The diversity of the Tuning Community allows members to communicate regularly with their peers to discuss, share and benchmark their experiences.


Tuning Academy facilitates and actively encourages dialogue and partnerships between different academic groups and institutions. By joining the Tuning Community, members become part of a worldwide international network. Membership gives access not only to a peerbased academic development network, but also to information (knowledge databases; research projects and survey results; newsletters; magazines; presentations and papers of all conferences and seminars), and to Academy activities at preferential rates (conferences and special events).

How to become a member of Tuning Community

Individuals or organisations who participated in at least one Tuning project or initiative, automatically become members of the Tuning Community. Individuals or organisations who are active in the area of higher education and who wish to join the Tuning Community may write us an email.