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Business (Tuning EUIV)

List of Subject-Specific Competences 1. Ability to analyse and structure a problem of an enterprise and design a solution (i.e. entering a new market). 2. Audit an organisation and design consultancy plans (i.e. tax law, investment, case studies, project work). 3. Define criteria according to which an enterprise is defined and link the results with […]

Tuning Europe (I-IV) (2000-2009)

Project title: 1) Tuning Educational Structures in Europe (a pilot project) [Tuning EUI] 2) Tuning Educational Structures in Europe – Phase II [Tuning EUII] 3) Tuning Educational Structures in Europe – Phase III: Validation, dissemination and further development [Tuning EUIII] 4) Tuning IV: Curricular Reform Taking Shape.  Learning Outcomes and Competences in Higher Education [Tuning EUIV] Coordinating institution: University of Groningen Dates: Tuning EUI: […]