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Education (Tuning Latin America I)

1. Understanding of the theory and methodology of the curriculum, for orientation of educational action (design, carrying out, and evaluation). 2. Understanding of knowledge of the disciplines of the area of specialist knowledge. 3. Designing and operationalising teaching and learning strategies in appropriate contexts. 4. Projecting and developing education which is interdisciplinary in nature. 5. […]

Tuning Latin America I (2004-2007)

Project Title: Tuning – America Latina Coordinating institution: University of Deusto Dates: 1 October 2004 – 30 March 2007 Participant countries:¬†Argentine, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Venezuela; as well as France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, UK, Netherlands & Spain Subject areas included in the project: Business Administration, Education, History, Mathematics Project objectives: 1) Contributing […]