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European Studies (Tuning Russia I)

List of Subject-Specific Competences 1. Ability to comment on or annotate documents appropriately in relation to critical issues in European Studies. 2. Ability to communicate orally in foreign languages using the appropriate terminology in this subject area. 3. Ability to communicate orally in one’s own language using the appropriate terminology. 4. Ability to define suitable […]

Tuning Russia I (2006-2007)

Project Title: Tuning Educational programmes in Russian Higher Education Institutions Coordinating institution: University of Groningen Dates: 15 May 2006 – 14 August 2007 Participant countries: Russia, as well as Ireland, UK, Spain and Netherlands. Subject areas included in the project: Mathematics & European Studies Project objectives: To assist in the implementation of the Bologna Objectives in Russian Higher Education Institutes through the […]