Logo Tuning Academy

1. Capacity for abstraction, analysis, and synthesis.
2. Ability to apply knowledge in practice.
3. Ability to organise and plan time.
4. Knowledge regarding the area of study and related professions.
5. Social responsibility and commitment to citizenship.
6. Capacity for oral and written communication.
7. Ability to communicate in a second language.
8. Ability to use information and communication technology.
9. Capacity for investigation.
10. Ability to learn and update learning.
11. Ability to search for, process, and analyse information from a variety of sources.
12. Critical and self-critical abilities.
13. Ability to react to new situations.
14. Creative skills.
15. Ability to identify, pose, and solve problems.
16. Ability to make decisions.
17. Ability to work as part of a team.
18. Interpersonal skills.
19. Ability to motivate and work towards common goals.
20. Commitment to look after the environment.
21. Commitment to socio-cultural environment.
22. Value and respect for diversity and multiculturality.
23. Ability to work in international contexts.
24. Ability to work autonomously.
25. Ability to formulate and manage projects.
26. Ethical commitment.
27. Commitment to quality.