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List of Subject-Specific Competences

1. Ability to apply classification and sorting systems for geological matter.
2. Ability to advise on the use of natural resources in the drawing up of development policies, legislation, plans and programmes.
3. Capacity to interact in interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary areas.
4. Capacity for observing and understanding the environment.
5. Capacity to develop teaching and research methods in geology aimed at furthering career and diffusion of knowledge.
6. Capacity to undertake work in good balance with the care and conservation of the natural and social environment.
7. Capacity to pursue professional activity within a framework of responsibility, legality, safety and sustainability.
8. Skill in describing and analysing the relations of elements present in rocks and in their internal and external structures, in order to interpret the evolution and sequence of geological events.
9. Ability to undertake geological studies to find, exploit, conserve and manage water and energy resources.
10. Skill in drawing and interpreting geological cross-sections and maps.
11. Skill in assessing and appraising geological resources and the alterations they have undergone.
12. Capacity to perceive and understand the spatial and temporal dimensions of geological processes and their effects on the planet.
13. Skill in planning, executing, managing and overseeing projects and services aimed at prospecting, harnessing and utilising natural non-renewable resources.
14. Capacity to provide bases for territorial planning and the prevision, prevention and mitigation of geological risks, natural and man-made disasters.
15. Capacity to undertake and evaluate technological and/or geotechnical studies on geological matter.
16. Rigour in sample-taking and data gathering, and in their processing, analysis and interpretation.
17. Capacity to gather, process and interpret data from different sources, using qualitative and quantitative techniques to construct geological models.
18. Skill in locating perforation sites for research and operation, and in controlling them geologically.