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Project title: Canada-EU Tuning Feasibility Study: Enhanced cooperation in Higher Education between the EU and Canada by aligning standards and reference points Coordinating institution: The Tuning Association in close cooperation with the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) Dates: 18 October 2011 – 18 July 2012 Participant countries: Canada and Tuning methodology experts from Italy, Portugal, Netherlands and UK Subject areas included in the project: Engineering, History, Nursing Project objectives: General: 1) Facilitate greater cooperation between key higher education institutions and stakeholders in Canada and the European Union; 2) Enable closer ties between academic discipline communities in Canada and the European Union; 3) Enable closer ties between higher education policy makers in Canada and the European Union; 4) Develop greater transparency between higher education systems in Canada and the European Union; and to 5) Establish a foundation for the development of a shared understanding and terminology for Canadian and European higher education stakeholders in their approaches to curriculum development, standards, qualifications frameworks and quality assurance. Specific: 1) Investigate the alignment of academic standards and reference points in higher education for Canada and the European Union based on case studies of three subject areas; 2) Determine the relevance of a Tuning approach and whether a full-scale Tuning project would be helpful and meaningful for Canadian higher education institutions; and to 3) Chart the best way to implement a potential pilot project, including the scope of the undertaking and issues at stake. . Outcomes in terms of documents and publications:

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