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List of Subject-Specific Competences

1. Ability to express oneself in a fluent technical language using precise, clear legal terms.
2. Ability to develop normative acts.
3. Ability to competently apply normative acts in concrete fields of legal activities and autonomously produce legal acts.
4. Ability to define facts and circumstances in accordance with the law.
5. Ability to exercise professional duties in order to support law and order.
6. Capacity to take well-reasoned legal decisions in accordance with law and justice.
7. Ability to prevent infringements of the law, reveal and eliminate the causes and conditions contributing to violations of human rights.
8. Ability to interpret and apply the national legislation and principles of the international legal system.
9. Critical awareness of philosophical, political, social, economic, historical, personal and psychological phenomena and taking them into consideration in the creation, interpretation and application of Law.
10. Ability to work in a cross-disciplinary team as the legal expert of the team and contribute effectively towards reaching the team’s goals.
11. Ability to apply legal and other scientific research methods in one’s professional activity.
12. Ability to deliver legal training.
13. Ability to manage individual and team work of students.
14. Ability to communicate in a foreign language on professional topics.