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List of Subject-Specific Competences

1. Ability to diagnose and evaluate the level of development, achievement and educational needs of the individual.
2. Ability to keep on learning trough constantly reflecting on the results of one’s own work.
3. Ability to appreciate the social significance of the profession and to observe ethical professional principles.
4. Ability to design and implement a learning process considering the socio-cultural context and the learners’ current developmental stage.
5. Ability to be involved in collaborative work and interpersonal communication in educational contexts.
6. Ability to create and keep psychologically safe learning environments.
7. Ability to create psychological and educational conditions for self-development and self-realization of learners.
8. Ability to realize professional activities in diverse social institutions.
9. Ability to share pedagogical and psychological knowledge with and provide consultations for the various participants of the educational process.
10. Ability to use the main international and national acts and documents in one’s professional activity.
11. Ability to assist in developing positive attitudes towards themselves and the social environment in learners and teachers.
12. Ability to understand and apply educational theories and methodology as a basis for general and specific teaching and learning activities.
13. Ability to undertake appropriate educational research in different contexts.
14. Ability to make use ICT for professional purposes.
15. Ability to speak clearly at an appropriate level in different educational contexts.