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List of Subject-Specific Competences

1. Critical awareness of the historical processes which have defined an artefact as a ‘work of art’.
2. Knowledge of materials, and of the varying historical receptions and aesthetic evaluation of art objects.
3. Awareness of the differences between artworks from different chronological and geographical areas.
4. Ability to categorise and describe art objects from a specific time and place, positioning them within the context of global art history.
5. Ability to convey this information on artworks and art theory verbally or in a written form.
6. Ability to produce logical and structured narratives and arguments supported by relevant evidence and interpretation.
7. Awareness of art historiography, art theory and criticism, aesthetics, museology and conservation.
8. Knowledge and understanding of the concepts, values and ebates that have formed the study, the practice and critical theory in the Art History field in combination with ability to criticise already existing frameworks.
9. Ability to undertake close and systematic visual examination, informed by appropriate knowledge of materials, techniques, styles iconography and iconology.
10. Ability to evaluate the authenticity of an object by reference to its material construction and historical evidence.
11. Ability to set the artworks studied within appropriate context.
12. Ability to develop arguments concerning production processes, and concerning formal and functional ambitions and effects from close observation of artworks.