Logo Tuning Academy

1. Capacity for analysis and synthesis.
2. Capacity for organisation and planning.
3. Basic general knowledge.
4. Grounding in basic knowledge of the profession.
5. Oral and written communication in your native language.
6. Knowledge of a second language.
7. Elementary computing skills.
8. Information management skills (ability to retrieve and analyse information from different sources).
9. Problem solving.
10. Decision-making.
11. Critical and self-critical abilities.
12. Teamwork.
13. Interpersonal skills.
14. Ability to work in an interdisciplinary team.
15. Ability to communicate with experts in other fields.
16. Appreciation of diversity and multiculturality.
17. Ability to work in an international context.
18. Ethical commitment.
19. Capacity for applying knowledge in practice.
20. Research skills.
21. Capacity to learn.
22. Capacity to adapt to new situations.
23. Capacity for generating new ideas (creativity).
24. Leadership.
25. Understanding of cultures and customs of other countries.
26. Ability to work autonomously.
27. Project design and management.
28. Initiative and entrepreneurial spirit.
29. Concern for quality.
30. Will to succeed.