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ALLVET project (HE and VET alliance establishment according to Bologna Principles implementation via VET teachers’ capacity building). On December 17th 2020, participants from partner universities of the project had the opportunity to attend online the “Tuning Training on Practical Assessment directed by Ivan Dyukarev and Samiha Chemli from the University of Deusto. The main objective was focused on explaining the operation of the ‘open teaching platform’ developed for the ALLVET project that contributes to the development of the digital skills of the participants. In addition, as it is a project that has a significant degree of innovation around vocational training, conversations have been started with VET agents in the Basque Country such as Orkestra (which has just launched an Observatory for VET) and Tknika (training center of applied research and innovation in vocational training in the Basque Country). The objective is to start bringing innovation in skills and learning outcomes to this learning cycle.

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