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During the Intensive Training Course the instructors helped all  participants to be familiar with Tuning methodology, planning, techniques and implementation in real life, as well as, how to include generic and specific competences at all courses, how to work out credit units according to the ECTS with integrity of conduct. This staff development  promoted a real discussion regarding Tuning Methodology Features, Benefits and application in order to exchange opinions on how this training course is going to help developing the Higher Education quality in Libya after being well experienced to improve OMU quality assurance strategies at all levels covering all colleges and departments at our institution, not only by being student centered, but also by paying more attention to lecturers periodic training and strategic improvement, because well trained tutors have greater ability to make strong and positive impact on all students’ performance, because working with Tuning Academy has helped us  to improve our Higher Education learning outcome and how to use Tuning methodology to assess our main BS / BA programs and whether we need to upgrade them or build new solid and concrete programs, making it easier for all Libyan students to move between different countries.

Tuning Methodology Implementation Training, one day Intensive Training Course, organized with the support of Tuning Academy, University of Deusto, Spain by Dr Rashad Brydan and Dr Sabah Lammlon on 9th April at the Omar Al-Mukhtar University (OMU), El-Beida , Libya