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Culturology (Tuning Russia II)

List of Subject-Specific Competences 1st cycle: 1. Ability to logically present acquired knowledge. 2. Understanding of systematic ties within Culturology and interdisciplinarity in the modern science. 3. Knowledge of the main theories of culture, principles of cultural typology. 4. Knowledge and use of terminology and techniques specific for Culturology. 5. Ability to apply modern theories […]

Tuning Russia II (2007-2008)

Project Title: Russian Tuning ECTS based-model for Implementation of the Bologna Process in Human Sciences Coordinating institution: Milan University (grant holder) & Moscow State University (coordinator) Dates: 15 June 2007 – 14 June 2008 Participant countries: Russia, as well as Italy & Germany. Subject areas included in the project: History & Culture Studies Project objectives: Developing study programmes in subject […]