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Project title: Thailand-EU Cooperation Facility – Phase II (TEC II), Policy Dialogues Support Component, Thailand. Tuning Educational Structures for Internalisation (Activity Code : EDU 1-3)

Coordinating institution: University of Deusto

Dates: 14 June 2012 – 1 November 2013 (the period of the International Tuning Academy’s involvement)

Participant countries: Thailand and Tuning methodology experts from Chile, France, Netherlands and Spain

Subject areas included in the project: Computer Science, Tourism & Hotel Management, Science

Project objectives:
The overall aim of this Policy Dialogue project, as part of TEC II programme, was to further advance Thailand’s constructive dialogue and cooperation with the European Union. One of the four main themes of the dialogue was “Education, Science and Technology”. With respect to the Education – Tuning line, the aim was to intensify information exchanges on the European Bologna Process Follow-Up Activities; the Thai Qualifications Framework for Higher Education (TQF); and the EU Tuning Educational Structure Project.

Specifically, to:
1) Develop common subject-based reference points and share information on curricula content, learning outcomes and instructional strategies;
2) Assist in the consolidation of standard criteria for selected academic disciplines;
3) Establish conditions for the mutual recognition of degrees between European and Thai universities.

Tuning experts were expected to:
1) Design and prepare the process for a comparative study of EU’s Tuning project and the process of setting standards for selected disciplines;
2) Launch a pilot project on the benchmarking of study programmes in selected disciplines;
3) Organise a specialised workshop on Tuning together with the OHEC and a larger conference for universities country-wide to introduce the approach and consider future actions and strategy.
4) Organise a small study visit to EU Member States’ lead agencies in higher education to establish new contacts and strengthen existing bilateral networks.

Project websitehttp://eeas.europa.eu/delegations/thailand/thailand_eu_coop/index_en.htm


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