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List of Subject-Specific Competences

  1. Ability to analyze & structure an enterprise problem + design solution (e.g. entering a new market)
  2. Audit an organization and design consultancy plans
  3. Apply and transfer business knowledge to the work environment and provide practical solutions
  4. Identify and operate adequate software
  5. Identify & use adequate tools (e.g. market research, statistical analysis, comparative ratios)
  6. Identify the constitutional characteristics of an organization
  7. Business communication ability
  8. Identify the functional areas of an organization and their relations
  9. Identify impact of macro & micro economic elements on business organizations
  10. Learning to learn (how, when, where new personal developments are needed)
  11. Ability to suggest solutions to and adapt to change
  12. Ability to apply business and managerial concepts in different organizational settings
  13. Use university knowledge to identify impact of different cultures on business
  14. Understand details of business functions, size, sectors & link with theories
  15. Understand and apply existent & new technology & its impact for new / future markets
  16. Understand principles of engineering & link them with business
  17. Demonstrate awareness and understanding of ethical standards for business organizations
  18. Understand principles of law & link them with business / management
  19. Understand the principles of psychology, identify implications for organizations
  20. Understand & use bookkeeping and financial systems
  21. Written and oral communication in a foreign language
  22. Ability to conduct a business environment analysis using suitable instruments
  23. Work assignments abroad (e.g. work experience for 20 weeks)
  24. Business negotiation ability
  25. Identify the cultural difference and cross-cultural communication in commercial activity
  26. Ability to identify and act upon opportunities in the business environment