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This page displays descriptions of the databases stored by the International Tuning Academy. These databases contain the data collected through Consultations carried out by various Tuning projects. These data can be made available to scholars for academic purposes only and under the following conditions.

Only descriptions of the databases can be accessed on the website. The Tuning databases themselves can be consulted at Deusto University premises of the International Tuning Academy. If you are interested in using these data for your research, please contact us by email. You can also contact us if you are interested in data collected by Thematic Networks (International Tuning Academy stores only a very small number of such databases but provide the contact information of the person(s) who were directly involved in Thematic Networks’ Consultation processes and either have the databases in question or, if these no longer exist, are most knowledgeable regarding the respective findings.)


(click to open a short description of the data each database contains)

Tuning EU IV
– Generic Competences
– Business: Academics
– Business: Students, Graduates, Employers
– Chemistry: Academics
– Chemistry: Students, Graduates, Employers
– Earth Sciences: Academics
– Earth Sciences: Students, Graduates, Employers
– Education: Academics
– European Studies: Academics
– European Studies: Students, Graduates, Employers
– History: Academics
– History: Students, Graduates, Employers
– Mathematics: Academics
– Mathematics: Students, Graduates, Employers
– Nursing: Academics
– Nursing: Students, Graduates, Employers
– Physics: Academics
– Physics: Students, Graduates, Employers
Tuning Latin America I&II
– Generic Competences ranked by respondents from the Subject Areas of Business Administration, Education, History, Mathematics
– Subject-Specific Competences for the Subject Areas of Business Administration, Education, History, Mathematics
– Subject-Specific Competences for the Subject Areas of Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Nursing, Law, Civil Engineeirng, Medicine & Architecture
Tuning Latin America III
Tuning Africa
Tuning Russia
Tuning China