The Tuning Academy


Tuning is a project for universities conducted by universities.


Tuning offers a methodology for designing and implementing learning-centred degree programmes.


Tuning has developed an extensive network of communities of academics in different continents.

Tuning as a Project

Tuning projects have proved to be powerful instruments for promoting understanding and cooperation between institutions, countries and regions across the world. They focus on developing student-centred, competence-based learning. Their strength is twofold: openness to the different cultural contexts in which academics and students work, built in sustainability through developing working groups beyond the immediate project participants; and the active quest for a mutually understood discourse and developing that is not fed in ‘top-down’, but negotiated across projects.

Tuning as a Methodology

Tuning has developed a methodology for building compatible and comparable degrees that are relevant to societies.  This methodology is clear, consultative and adaptable and includes a strong element of capacity development beyond the immediate limits of the projects.

Tuning as a Community

Tuning is based on a philosophy of inclusiveness, equality and sharing.  It now comprises a global network of interconnected communities of practitioners who work on the improvement of the quality of higher education focused on teaching, learning and assessment. The communities are multi layered in terms of seniority in educational systems, but the place of the teacher and student are at the centre of Tuning debates.